The voices of the people

“Why do you wan to run for office with all the mess in Illinois government?”

As I travel around the 89th district, I am often asked “Why do you want to run for office with all the mess in Illinois government?”  My answer is always the same. I understand that building relationships and listening to others’ concerns is how to get things done, and I believe I have the best opportunity to do that.   I have been coined the “maverick” candidate in this election, and I like that adjective.  It shows that people see me as a candidate that may be able to work around the stigma of party politics.  I have said that I want to be a choice for the voters of the 89th District and am excited to be exactly that.

In a recent article, Mr. Patrick Sellers, Freeport Township Supervisor, recently wrote “We the people have forgotten our place in the hierarchical structure of our government.”   I have not forgotten.  In fact, that is the very reason I am running for this seat, to do the best I can to listen to and represent the people.  I am not motivated by a greater future position, personal gain, or power.  I am motivated by the voices that I hear in need of help or direction.

I thank Mr. Sellers for his reminder in the importance of the voices of the people.  Without hearing those voices, no candidate can truly represent their constituents.  I come to this election to be a representative in Springfield, as well as a resource at home in Northwest Illinois.

As we enter this Holiday season, may you all have a blessed time with family, and keep all of your resolutions for the new year!

– Steve