Thank you!

Good morning to all.  Although the primary race for the 89th seat didn’t end with a victory I am very proud of how our campaign was run.  Kali Drane, as campaign manager, put together a team of supportive, connected and hardworking people that volunteered enormous amounts of time and energy to the cause.  Thank you to all of you.

Our cause was to be the people’s choice.  Over 6000 voted that choice and I am honored to have had your vote.  I ask now, that you look at all of the information that has filled your mail boxes and keep track of those things that were said and promised.  Make a list. Then adamantly remind those, the elected officials exactly what they said and promised.  Remember your vote does matter! Now you must move forward, be diligent, and demand representation not just rhetoric. As former representative Jim Sacia quoted in his radio ad, “study your lesson folks”.   

Thank you for you support of me, my family, and our campaign.  Keep looking forward and don’t be afraid to step in and demand more.