Life is a gift

I believe that leaders have a responsibility to provide alternatives to abortion for women in unwanted pregnancy situations, alternatives that previous efforts haven’t emphasized enough.

My wife and my oldest daughter are adopted, so this issue is a very personal one for me. As an infant, my wife found a home through a Salvation Army program. We need programs like these today more than ever, as private adoption has become a very costly process.

33 years ago wife and I were very fortunate to adopt our daughter, but increasing costs have put this option out of reach for many loving families. As your representative I would introduce legislation to make adoptive counseling more accessible for women and streamline the legal process for qualified families to become parents.

I believe that life is a gift. As your representative in Springfield, I will work to reduce the number of abortions happening in our state. That can only be accomplished with better education in family planning programs, and affordable options that will make carrying a child to term the best choice.