Fricke Endorsed by the Chicago Tribune

This morning the Chicago Tribune released their third round of announcements for the Illinois House Race and they have endorsed STEVE FRICKE!

A “shoestring budget” is not an understatement. Our campaign has made it this far on a very modest budget against some BIG dollars and that is because of the people in this district. Just as on county board, I am here to serve the people and will continue to listen to my constituents’ needs and concerns. I am not afraid to stand alone for what is right and will do all I can to fight for Northwest Illinois residents and families.

….” But we prefer his opponent, Steven Fricke, a Stephenson County Board member and third-generaion farmer. Fricke understands that high taxes and a lack of job opportunities are driving families and millennials out of Illinois. He would focus on pro-growth policies to keep them here, and he believes the infrastructure needs of the district are being neglected. Fricke is running his campaign on a shoestring budget and sans the GOP entourage. But sometimes the brighter star is less decorated. Fricke is endorsed.”

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